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It looks so simple and yet without the right technique, you just hurt your hand or risk breaking the lighter. Opening a bottle of beer with a lighter is an easy trick you can learn in a few minutes.

  1. Place the lighter on the part of your index finger between the first and second knuckle –  the part that a ring would sit on.
  2. Grasp the bottle neck so that the side of your finger is level with the top of the bottle. The lighter should be wedged under the brim of the lid and pressing on the muscle in your finger.
  3. Squeeze your fingers on the bottle neck so that the muscle bulges against the lighter a bit, then press down on the end of the lighter.
  4. The lid should pop off fairly easily, and shouldn’t bend. If it hurts or is putting up a lot of resistance, try holding the bottle neck a little further up. Keep playing around with the angles until you get it. It’s all about leverage!
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