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If you can’t whistle with your fingers, how about this easy method using a piece of grass? You can also do it with paper or gum leaves, or anything else that is very thin, flat and flexible. Watch the video and follow the instructions below.

  1. Select a blade of grass at least as long as your middle finger. It should have no holes or weak spots on it.
  1. You are going to sandwich the piece of grass between your thumbs. Grip one end between the fleshy part of your hands, where the palms meet the thumbs. It needs to be close to the edge of your hands.
  1. Grip the other end of the grass with the sides of your thumbs and pull it taught. The result should be a gap between your thumbs with the blade in the middle, dividing it in two.
  1. Purse your lips and press them lightly over the gap and blow out a medium strength breath, similar to whistling. The grass will make a shrieking whistle sound. If you play around with the positioning a little, you can make it ear-splittingly loud.
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