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Better Than Take Away Pizza Recipe

Everybody loves a good pizza! It’s a great way to show off and entertain guests at a dinner party. I spent a couple of years reading everything I could find about the art and experimenting with recipes and techniques, trying to make my ideal pie. I still tweak it slightly from time to time but it really never gets much better for me than this recipe!

How To Take Better Photos With Compact Cameras

Compact cameras (the point and shoot kind that fit in your pocket and have one fixed lens) are budget friendly and easy to travel with. Generally speaking, you just set it to auto, point it at something and press the big button right? But some times you want that...

How to Pickle Food

The age old art of preserving food in a delicious way!

Pickling is easy to do and doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need to do is sterilise some jars, add whatever your going to pickle, cover it with vinegar or brine, add some spices and leave it for a few weeks. Simple!


If you’re going to DJ, it’s important to have a space set up at home for practising. You can of course buy a purpose built DJ desk, but they don’t come cheap, can be hard to find and tend to look like rubbish. Lets face it, it’s not like you can buy them at Ikea. Or can you?

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